How to drive traffic to your website instantly

Drive traffic to your website instantly

I think this the most important part of a new blogger or new business. If you want to earn money online then you need to know how can you drive traffic organically  to your website. Otherwise, you can rise your targeted seals or lead.

Keep in mind that,

you need to always go for organic visitors. Any type of fake traffic will be toxic to your website. By using boot traffic of incentive visitors your website will lose rank and also can suspend from other money maker website. I can ensure you that if you use those top 10 tips that you can gain organic traffic within a day. Keep following my tips:  

1. SEO keyword research

When you are going to start a website or blog first thing is first you need to research keyword based on the niche. You need to research what is the keywords traffic volume and CPC and other that are important for keywords. By doing keywords research you can know what is the low competitor’s keyword and which is high, You can understand which keyword we need to choose. You can also but SEO premium tools in cheap price from us.

2. Make an article which are easy to read

If you search on google and after crawling 2 or 3 page on google you can see which website is under 30 of google ranking those articles are not easy to read. The bounce rate of this website is too high that’s why to google place those place after 30 pages. SO you need to keep in mind that your content that you are going to put on your website is very easy to read and user-friendly. It will help you to stay your traffic on your website and decrease the bounce rate. Better rank on Google.

3. Social media engagement

Google always watch on social media activates. In another hand, If you have a strong audience on social media platforms than you can also gain traffic in a day. It also helps you to brand your website.  People can easily remember your site name when you post on social media pages. There is a lot of chance to increase direct traffic rate of your website. Try to post your website activates on social media regular basis.

4. Reddit post

Post your link on Reddit. Best way to increase traffic in a day too. You cannot think how much traffic you can get. But there was a lot of problems. You cannot post your link on Reddit. Nowadays the scammer level is too high that’s why Reddit authority makes the rules much strong. If you post first time here no post will alive. Leave this step for the experts.

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5. Post on forums

Post on forums is another way to drive traffic to your website. By posting on relevant forums site you can get quality backlinks and traffic. Which are organic because people want to know about the subject. That why they are searching for new tricks and methods. You need also grater a great audience on forums posting site. Don’t spam here if you spam here people will not trust your post and no chance to gain traffic.

6. Answer Q/A sites

Same as forums posting site. Answer and questioning site is another way to collect backlinks and traffic same method. Don’t try to spam here.  Always answer on relevant topic otherwise you can get spam link or get suspended from Q/A sites. Don’t try to post from a new account because no link will be accepted from the authority.

7. Guest posting

Guest posting is the best way to gather traffic and also a great way to rank high in google ranking. If you can post on high DA and PA website than you can get a lot of traffic and also get a gold link which is going to help you get traffic from Google. We also allow guest posting.

8. Website outreach

There is a lot of websites similar to your website. Try to find them all. When you can get all the list try to contract with the author and told them to put your link on their website. You also offer something them for doing this job. The best way to do this you can find the resource pages and find the broken link to the site. After finding all the link send them the mail and told them there is some broken link he/she can replace with your link.

9. Buy cheap traffic

You can also buy traffic to rise up your website. You can get much traffic from here. But careful if you order from unknown one or a scammer then you can get boot traffic which will be toxic for your website. That traffic will not be going provide you any goods. Google will penalize your website if you use those traffic. Remember if you got 100 organic traffic don’t be upset and if you get 10k traffic from boot you need to really afraid of. So don’t use boot to drive traffic.

10. Start AB testing

After doing all the things you need to follow your audience what they need. You need to start an analysis of the traffic. In 2018 Google rank brain update is so much powerful than ever had. So without doing AB testing, you cannot understand what your audiences need. You bounce rate will be high and your ranking will go low.

If you need those service  from us you can contract your founder and co-founder for Get traffic to your website instantly. 

Founder of InformationHuntter

Founder of InformationHuntter

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