Learn On page SEO optimization

Did you want to learn about page optimization? Now the question is why you are going to learn this thing right? Here is your answer, if you want to earn some money from the website or want to rank your site on Google then you have no choice in your hand. SEO is the most important part of a website.
Today we are going to learn SEO optimization:

Learn on page optimization



After completing website design you have to hit for keywords. Couse if you don’t know where you want to go, you will never Bing success in this career. So, first of all, you have to research some keywords.Keyword research is so important in On page optimization On this part, we are select those keywords which are easy to rank. For this reason, we can take help from tools such as

Google AdWords

Google AdWords: Think that you are going to build a website on health. But did you know all the keyword of health? There are many keywords available in this niche. So how can you find all the perfect keywords, that’s why we have to use Google AdWords.

  1.  open AdWords and select setting option
  2.  Select keyword planner
  3. Put key website niche (Witch your website categories ex: health, beauty, traveling, education)


AdWords will tell you all the related keywords which are available on the server. Just go to the Google AdWords and hit keyword planer and search for your niche keyword. When you got your result try filter 2k-5k search volume keywords. Download them all.

MOZ: After searching all the keyword you face a big problem. Google AdWords will show you more than 1k keywords which are Going to shut your website to rank. You cannot research those 1k keywords at a time. Moz is the best tool for SEO optimization. SO our next step is MOZ keyword research tool.

moz keyword



When you get your keywords from AdWords than copy and paste on MOZ. This tools will show you the report of a keyword. In this tool, you need to see just keyword difficulty. Select keywords which have difficulty under 50. Witch keyword did not match the volume just erase that keyword. By this process, you will lose many keywords from your list.

SPYFU: After analysis, you keyword On MOZ, place your keywords on spyfu. On this step, you need to check keyword advertiser and CPC rate. If those are high you can select that keyword for your website. Those keywords are perfect for your site.

SEO optimization spyfu



Collect all the keyword from Google AdWords>
Download them all>
Check-in MOZ>
Collect all the keywords who have low difficulty>
Check CPC and adviser rate on spyfu.



You research keyword in the perfect way but you cannot see your result. Did you know why? Cause you do not optimize your site title and Meta description. You have let Google know Witch keyword you want to rank your site.This is the best part of SEO optimization.  That’s why you have to optimize your title and Meta tags. Think that you research 10 keywords for a page but all the keyword is not main. You need to take one keyword as a major keyword. Then keep the same keyword in your title and Meta description. Example: “Let us consider your main keyword is best to face wash for men, then you have to keep the same keyword in meta tags and try to keep is the first title of your page. But don’t force it. If your keyword is not going to feet in the first title use a little bit different keyword. In the same way, you have to put your keyword in Meta description.

1. Place the main keyword in your first title.(Place it both page and blog post)
2. Place your main keyword in Meta description (also place some reacted keywords).


Website speed is one of the major factors to rank your site and grab your visitor. Remember that if anyone loads your site and it takes maximum 3 sec then you are going to lose that visitor. So keep your website faster. There are some major thing who can increase your site loading speed. You have to optimize the whole thing.
• Optimize images
• Minify JS/CSS.

Minify JS/CSS: For doing the thing you can take some help from some plugin for WordPress. Such as Autoptimize, Speed Booster Pack, WP Super Cache. Let’s see how to configure those tools.

Autoptimize (WP plugin): Install this tools and go to the main page in this tool. Check all the thing that I told you to check:
• Optimize HTML Code
• Optimize JavaScript Code
• Short CSS Code
• Also aggregate inline CSS?

This tool is so effective for your site. But don’t try to more thing it will harm your site.
Speed Booster Pack(WP plugin): On this tool check all the option.

WP Super Cache (WP plugin): Let’s configure WordPress SEO optimization.
• Check caching on

Wp super cache

• In advance, option checks all the recommended.

WP supe cache configure

• Then Go to CDN tab(If you have CDN then install it) You need to buy the CDN and then Hire a website developer to install it on your site.

Congratulation!! You had optimized your website. After doing that If you see any problem Google page speed checker tools then you need pro version of that tool or this is your website core problem. If you change those code your website design will destroy.
If you have any problem watch the video.


Step 1: Configure Yoast plugin. Install the plugin than complete your profile. When you click on this plugin it will take you profile creating tab automatically. If it does not then go general and click open configure wizard.

Complete it with genuine information.

Step 2: Then click on Feature tab just check advanced settings pages. Click enabled. It will help to generated XML sitemap. Save the changes.

Yaost SEO

Step 3: Then see there is an option on left sidebar called XML sitemaps. Click on it. It will open a new site. Just took the URL of the new site.

Step 4: Then go to search console of google. Create a profile. After that index your site on here. If you cannot verify your site you cannot get access here.
After get access go to the crawl under that you can see sitemap. On this page click on add sitemap. Before that check, your sitemap URL in the test bar then submit your URL and reload the page.
Robot.txt will automatically generate from WP. This this the best practice of SEO optimization.

Search console

Congratulation! You know all the thing that you have to in SEO optimization.

Thank you for being with us.

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