How to remove acne from your face

Remove acne from your face

You want to keep your face clean and acne free. Here we bring the natural and some healthy solution for you. From this blog your will know how to remove pimples from your face.  Having acne is daunting. Enormously daunting indeed. It doesn’t only hurt your outlook, but also hurt your self-impression. So today we are going to talk about best and natural tips for removing acne.

I know you are in a bad situation. Don’t worry, I am going to tell you the secret behind the acne.

You never know that type of product can reduce or promote your body acne. It’s usually depend on PH of a body and the PH of a product. There are so many people are available who cannot use soap on the face. So you have to choice that type of product that are going to remove acne from your skin.

Why do i get acne

If you are teen the chances are pretty good to have acne. But it’s natural to having pimples. Almost 8 in 10 have acne. Acne is a condition of skin that rise up in different bumps.

Face acne

These bumps can be blackhead, pimple, whitehaed, nodule, pustule. If your have acne in there teen age so this acne was removal. Acne attack in the teen age because of the hormonal change. But the good news is it will go away completely after teen age.

If a pore gets clogged up but bulges out from skin that’s mean you are left with whitehead if the upper surface color is black that’s you got blackhead.If you left with small red bumb called pimple. clogged pores are very deep in the skin can cause nodule.

Severe acne treatment naturally

Have you ever have large painful acne on your face? These breakout can effete both mail and female. So you have to be careful. Acne specially grow up in our face so we need to give your spacial care. Try to sole your infection naturally.

  • No popping.
  • Ice it.
  • Healthy screen care routine.
  • Mirror 
  • Your towels and pillowcase.
  • The cystic acne diet.
  • Relax.
  • Sleep.
  • Exercise 
  • Essential oil.

No popping:

Whatever you do just do not pop your acne or any other pimples you have. Cause If you pop it up, the poison that you are carried in your hand, that are come to you face and the cause it more dangers thing. Infected acne can increase their surface area by their own. After some days your face will turn a store house if acne.

Use ice in your infected area. It helps immediate to decrease area of acne and the pain too. This is the most organic way to cure your acne. Ice also can active the small blood sell and prevent the poison to grow up.

Maintain skin care routine: 

Always try to maintain the routine of skin care. Maintain a simple routine, calming skin care routine that avoid heavy and maintain the moisturizers. Before Applying moisturizer make sure your face is oil free.

Standing in front of a Mirror: 

It’s not a good idea to stand all day toward the mirror. It can make you feel bad and always bring the bad thoughts to pick the acne up.  Both of which will only make your look and feel worse. Stop yourself from visually and mentally obsessing over your cystic acne, and make sure you are think positive and skin-clearing thought. Your thinking is also effective for your face beauty. 

Your towels and pillowcase: 

You did not think a single moment that, what are you used for washing your face. In the main time you used other towels or pillowcase. For This reason infection can grow faster. There is another strong reason is available. If you got infected by acne last week and you forgot to wash your towels. Don’t forget the germs are still alive. Always try to wash your towels or other thing regularly basis for remove the acne firstly. 

The cystic acne diet: 

Many people see that, when they cut down there daily element like milk, ice cream and cheese they got improvement. So you also have to cut down those high protein foods from your daily list. Try to eat vegetable more and more. Vegetable can also prevent the infection of acne. Try to avoid sugar, caffeine, chocolate and from the fast foods. You can eat rich food, organic food and vitamin A rich food.


A person have to do a lot of thing in a day. For that he/she have to take a lot of stress and looks very dummy. To keep your face energetic you have to teak rest for some moment. The more you try to relax the more your get energetic.


This is the most important part of a good looking face. When we work hard your body store a negative energy in your body and that’s why we feel tired. When we sleep properly the negative energy shift to outside of your body. In other hand all sells through out there dangerous chemical into blood and keep your body clean.

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