Teeth care tips at home

Teeth care tips for every one

Teeth are one of the essential parts of your body.  Everyone needs to keep those teeth healthy and clean. Think one time, is there anyone who love to see yellow color teeth? So  lean the best way about teeth care tips at home.

Did you know some times dental health how much important for us?

 Make sure your teeth will healthy in significant time. Try to avoid daintiest from you. If you want to prevent them than keep following teeth care tips.

Teeth care tips at home


Many people think that if they want to lead a good healthy life than they need to go to a dental care hospital twice time in a year for a checkup. We said no, you could care your teeth at home. You if follow the proper way then there is no need to go anywhere. You can keep it healthy and germs free at home. For completing this goal, we are providing you 10 simple task that you need to practice the dental habits regularly.

  1. Choice right toothbrush.
  2. Don’t brush too hard or too soft.
  3. Floss at least once a day.
  4. Stop Snacking
  5. Clean your brush
  6. Use a Tongue Scraper
  7. Use mouthwash
  8. Don’t take water after a hot tea or coffee
  9. Always clean your mouth after meal.
  10. Inform Doctor is you see blood on your gum.

 1 Choice right toothbrush

You need to choose a right toothbrush for brush your teeth. You cannot use any of them. Toothbrush need to match with the ages. If your age is up to 20, you cannot use small brushes. A toothbrush is also cause for healthy teeth.  Here is also an available brush for kids and rising age’s children. But the most important part is you need to choice brushes which will feel you comfortable and easy to use. And you need to update the brushes regularly basis. Don’t use one brush for six months. Here are some recommended brushes for you: 


Get Colgate 360 family pack. Best product for a healthy mouth.

 2. Don’t brush too hard or too soft.

Here are too many people who believe that if they run a toothbrush too hardly than the germs will remove and teeth will be glow and shiny. But they are wrong. If you follow that rules than you need to suffer from many pain. It can damage your teeth root side. And if you brush your month very slowly than noting will be removed and no germs will die. Beside that you need to clean your oral hygiene. Also need to clean the gum line. Your beautiful teeth will turn into the yellow zone in upcoming days. Run the toothbrush as a medium force and try to cover the mouth. Brush your teeth two times in a day, when you weak up in the morning and when you are going for a deep sleep.

3. Floss at least once a day.

These things are medically proved that only a toothbrush can con clear every germ of your mouth. If you want to lead a proper life than you need to Floss your mouth once a time in a day. Cause Toothbrush cannot rise all site of the mouth. But you can floss picks for clean the teeth. If you don’t this one a day than it will cause you bad breath.

Mouth flossing tool

Oral-B Complete Glide Dental Floss Picks Plus Scope Outlast, Long Lasting Mint, 75 Dental Floss Picks..

4. Try to avoid sugar foods.

You need to remove sugar snakes from your daily routine. Couse sugar will help the mouth germs to grow up. We don’t recommend you to remove that food but grab in a limit. Especially don’t eat any kind of chocolate or sugar food before going sleep. At that time the germs are increased their family very easily. 

Teeth care tips at home

5. Clean your brush.

Try to clean properly the toothbrush after washing your mouth. If you don’t clean it properly, then the germs can also grow there life on your brush. Then after one day, you will again use it! After washing clean the brush with water and put a toothbrush cap on it.

6. Use a Tongue Scraper.

We are talking about mouth cleaning tips. So it also is an important part to clean your tongue clean. This part is used to test your food and help us to move that food from one side to another side. Sometimes you can find some white germs; sometimes those germs can make a bad smell. So we need to clean it regularly. You can use those tools for clean your tongue:

Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper.

7. Use mouthwash.

After taking all the tips you to wash your mouth with mouthwash. It will be you additional protection. I will help to keep your teeth germs free for a long time. And give you a fresh breath. We can recommend you to use that mouthwash:

Oral-B Pro-Expert Multi Protection Mouth Rinse

Oral-B Pro-Expert Multi Protection Mouth Rinse

8. Don’t take water after a hot tea or coffee.

Tea is always good for health. Coffee is also a good product for your body. But if you take water or cold things after a hot tea than, it will break down all the teeth in shortage. You cannot make cold water after a hot drink. Our teeth cannot survive in this situation. Learn more about health tips


9. Always clean your mouth after meal.

We all need to lead a busy life. That’s why we cannot get time to take much food. Also in a short time, we always forget to wash your mouth after having a meal. This is a bad practice. We need to wash our mouth when we take food.

10. Inform Doctor is you see blood on your gum

After doing all that thing if you feel major problem then don’t feel shy to call or go to a doctor. You know some time you need to go for some professional cleanings.


Those are the best way to  teeth care tips at home.

Clean your teeth properly

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