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For improving our user readers experience we work on this deferment. We are always looking for a good article. You can write on any topics. When you post your article on our blog, first you need to ensure that your article is contenting much information and also healthy for your readers. If you can work with us, we will also give you an opportunity to grow up in future. There are some rules that you need to follow to post your article here.


Writer guideline

  • Your article must have to 1000-1500 words.
  • Put infographic images.
  • Grammatical errors free.
  • Your content has to be unique.
  • If your content got 3% match with another article than your article will not publish here.
  • You cannot put any Sammy links in your article.
  • You cannot include any affiliate or CPA links in your article.
  • In Authors bio section you cannot put any links.
  • You can use 3 links in every article.
  • The just informational article will be published.
  • First, submit your article. Then our team will check your article.
  • After confirming by our team you will get a short message to your mail.
  • You have to agree to our payment conditions.
  • We charged 20$ for per guest posting.


You will get from us

  1. Get variable do-follow backlink.
  2. Grow your career.
  3. If your article becomes so popular then we will share 40% funds that we make from your blog.
  4. We give you cried for your post. You can put 100 words bio about you.


What do we need? 

We are looking for the strong, entertaining and well-researched article. Your article has to be well designed. Just not put a story into your article try to put some rich content and informational content. Try to share your sample article for ensuring your details. Use contract us for submitting your article.